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Dirk Howell Bio

Dirk Howell - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

Dirk Howell of Athens, Georgia is the kind of magnetic singer that people just can't seem to categorize.  They love his voice.  They love the way he entertains... they love him and have for years.  He possesses a unique style, one derived from his fluid, rangy and powerful voice - with just enough grit mixed in.

Dirk has lived in Athens, Georgia since he was three years old.  His family sang together often, so his appreciation for music developed early.  Dirk acquired his first guitar when he was eleven and began performing for school functions as well as with local dance bands.  The soul sounds of Motown and Philadelphia held an attraction for him that is still evident today in his style.

While attending the University of Georgia in Athens GA, he became friends with Tony Brown & formed the partnership of "Dirk & Tony."  After years of success as a duo, Brown headed to Nashville in search of country music stardom & is now knows as T. Graham Brown.  Dirk continued to grow and develop as a solo artist and has been proclaimed by Classic Live! music publication as "The all time King of the Athens, GA entertainment scene."

Recently, Dirk has been busy writing and gathering material for his own artist recording projects.  His latest release, on the Southern Tracks recording label, reflects the R&B, beach music, and country music influences and his appropriately entitled "Beach Country."  Three popular releases from the CD ("Untie Me", "Be Young Be Foolish and Be Happy," and "Ms. Grace") have been successful on both country and R&B radio stations throughout the US and have achieved top 10 status in some markets.

If you're looking for an energetic band that will build their show around your event, contact Dirk today.  He's looking forward to talking with you!

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